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Public Engagement & Strategic Communications

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With a Lens on Health, Equity, and Sustainability

Our Team at Uplift Engagement Communications Inc. helps professional service, public, and non-profit organizations strategize, plan, design, and implement communications and public engagement initiatives.

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Public Participation Planning + Communications

We bridge the needs of public organizations and the work of consultants with the voice of project stakeholders and community citizens. Following best practices by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), we work with heart to ensure all perspectives are brought to the table. We do this by approaching engagement in a way that incites curiosity, relevance, and authenticity with the intended audience.

Organizational Communication + Branding

We help organizations determine, design, and implement the what, why, and how. Initiatives range from Strategic Communication Plans to branding initiatives, internal communications strategies, and marketing management. Working as an extension to internal teams, we offer an alternative perspective while helping create and maintain momentum in the growth of businesses.


Proposal and Report Writing + Graphics

We craft engaging proposals and reports. With literally hundreds of submissions and publications under our belt, we know how to approach, coordinate, write, design, edit, and package inspiring documents. Our team brings a deep understanding of the unique requirements of professional services, particularly related to technical and design work. Get ready for your audience to be wowed. We create Wow Factor Reports!


What We're Up To...


CITE Strategic Communications & Implementation Plan

Research, Engagement, Advisory & Planning, Design

Status: Plan Complete

Implementation of the recommendations currently taking place.

Action #1 was a rename to ITE Canada. Action #2 was the development of a National Brand Strategy + Logo Design.


Uplift Co. is pleased to share that ITE Canada received the ITE International 2023 District Innovation Award for this Strategic Communications & Implementation Plan together with the subsequent Brand Strategy and Design, which was also completed by our team. 

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