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Client: Bunt & Associates | Town of Peace River | Current

The Town of Peace River retained Bunt& Associates (Bunt) to develop an ActiveTransportation Plan (ATP) that identifies the existing and future active transportation network with a focus on the west side of the river. The goal is to enhance active transportation opportunities with improved access to and through commercial areas and community destinations. The project will provide the town with a plan to prioritize, build, and improve the active transportation network over time.

Uplift Co. developed the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Communications Plan in collaboration with the Project Team. Furthermore, we designed graphics assets for promotional use, including a custom illustration that weaved the concept of active transportation with the new active mode sbridge that connects the east and west sides of town.

The first round of engagement included online workshops with members of the Council, staff, the Community Services Committee, and identified community stakeholders. Presentations and discussions were also held with CN Rail and Alberta Transportation. The Uplift Co. team supported Bunt by helping create the presentations and facilitating discussions.

A survey was developed during engagement round one. We incorporated a heat map function to help respondents identify active transportation challenges and opportunities. The results helped inform neighbourhood-specific feedback in a visual and user-friendly way. Engagement Summary Report #1 is complete. Planning is underway for the second round of engagement scheduled to take place in person in the fall of 2023. Uplift Co. is creating community event materials and a survey to showcase and obtain feedback on draft network recommendations for potential high-priority projects.


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