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We are a mighty team who together foster communications creatively and authentically. From engaging people in the right way at the right time, to planning, writing, design and implementation - we ensure that projects are executed flawlessly.

Why Work With Us?

  • We approach projects with humility and humanity 

  • We care about how projects impact people 

  • We are team players who are responsive and get stuff done 

  • We have a deep understanding and strong connection to the design and development community 

  • We bring a positive energy and dedication to inspire curiosity and help advance engagement on all levels 

UPLIFT Co Leanne Screen 2.png
Uplift Team-02.png

Leanne Buck

Principal + Senior Engagement Communications Specialist

Shannon Paterson

Senior Communications Specialist

Danielle Bauer

Senior Communications Specialist

UPLIFT Co Headshots-Christine.png
Uplift Team-04.png
UPLIFT Co Jason screen_edited.png

Christine Wong

Communications Specialist

Jackie Boucher

Senior Designer/Design Director

Jason Esteban

Senior Designer/Design Director

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