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Shannon Paterson | Uplift Co

Senior Communications Specialist

Shannon Paterson

Shannon Paterson is passionate about communications to support community engagement and businesses alike. Her skills include virtual public engagement management and facilitation, communications, content development, social media, event management, sponsorship management, brand recognition, and a variety of other fields. Today, Shannon is well-experienced in planning both virtual and in-person events, tours, and socials, along with managing the coordination and facilitation of engaging with stakeholders and community members. She is involved in the early stages of speaker calendar coordination, through the planning and logistics of each event, right through to the live coordination of technology, presentations, live engagement and/or breakout rooms, and social media engagement during the event. 

Along with planning and executing offerings, Shannon delivers on-brand editorials that tell a story. Her thoughtful and engaging messages resonate with followers and supporters, fostering authentic connections between business and community objectives and the interests of their audiences.

Shannon enjoys working with organizations to fulfill their aspirations and goals.

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