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Client: Bunt & Associates/City of Spruce Grove | 2021

The City of Spruce Grove retained Bunt & Associates to undertake the development of a Parking Management Plan for the City Centre. Uplift Engagement Communications (Uplift Co.) was retained by Bunt to lead the public and stakeholder engagement process. 

The project objectives included quantifying the existing and future projected supply and demand for parking; providing recommendations to optimize the current supply of on-street parking; and providing a strategic long-term plan that allows the city to manage parking needs associated with future growth and revitalization as intended in the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). ​

Uplift Co. developed the Stakeholder Engagement + Communications Plan, and created and managed a detailed schedule of planning/design, project promotion, and engagement activities in close coordination with the city and the technical team. We set up and analyzed surveys, including a stakeholder thought-consensus poll, created all presentation materials, facilitated on-line stakeholder workshops, analyzed findings, and provided two public participation summary reports. 

City Centre residents, business owners, employees, and the general public were all invited to participate in the activities. This project took place with many unknowns and challenges due to COVID-19, yet we successfully maintained a frequent schedule of meetings with the Project Steering Committee and worked with the business community to help promote the project using both mail and on-line communication methods. The recommendations provided in the Final Parking Management Plan represented the excellent community input received through the engagement process. 

"The Committee of the Whole meeting went very well and we would like to thank you for a smooth process from start to finish."

- Jamie-Lynn Scobie, Economic Development Specialist Commercial, City of Spruce Grove


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