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Client: ITE Canada | 2023

ITE Canada is a District of the Institute of Transportation Engineers(ITE), an international membership association of transportation professionals who work to improve mobility and safety for all transportation system users and help build smart and livable communities. Uplift Co. was retained by ITE Canada to lead a brand Strategy and Design effort that represented the District’s name change from CITE to ITECanada. The exercise included developing a brand architecture and visual strategy to represent a cohesive ITE Canada, including allSection and Student Chapter branding from across Canada.

Uplift Co. hosted virtual information workshops with a volunteer Brand Strategy + Design Review Committee and we met regularly to obtain input on preferred approaches, designs, and insight into needs and priorities.

Ultimately, a new ITE Canada logo was designed. The design respected the international ITE logo and included an effective design approach and use for all Canadian Sections and Student Chapters. Brand Guidelines provide clear guidance on logo use, color, typography, and other elements for use in a variety of communications. Implementation of the new ITE Canadabrand has encouraged Sections and StudentChapters to consider and take action including opportunities to engage their members and build community. The overall process reinforced the value that the District can provide to Sections and Student Chapters, ultimately strengthening relationships. Uplift Co. is pleased to share that ITE Canadare received the ITE International 2023 DistrictInnovation Award for this Brand Strategy and Design, which was a key action of the CITE Strategic Communications and Implementation Plan, also completed by our team.

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