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​Danielle Bauer

Senior Communications Specialist

Danielle Bauer

Danielle Bauer is a Senior Communications Specialist with nearly twenty years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She is a natural convener and communicator with a singular ability to approach complex situations, absorb vast amounts of detail and connect the dots. Her work centers around crafting and actioning bespoke project processes that support her client’s unique requirements; building trust with stakeholders, gaining valuable insight and ultimately enriching her clients’ decision-making and project outcomes.

Collaborative processes and a strong commitment to transparency, inclusion, and empathy are hallmarks of Danielle’s work. Notable is her ability to develop interesting and accessible engagement touchpoints, while capturing valuable intelligence for her clients. Danielle believes there is an art and science to removing barriers, asking the right questions, and employing feedback mechanisms that build participants’ trust in the process while fostering positive attitudes for future engagement.

Adding to her abilities in engagement and consultation processes, Danielle has a wealth of experience in wayfinding and communication strategies for the built environment with a focus on human-scale design. Her multi-modal approach encompasses static information solutions, technological applications, public art and placemaking approaches. 

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